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Complexity and small things

I am in Santa Fe, New Mexico and have had a very interesting week. Santa Fe is the home of the aptly named Santa Fe Institute that is an inter disciplinary research center that focuses on complexity and complex systems. For many years I have been reading about this place without ever knowing where it […]

Forgotten Blogs

I remember when I started this blog many years ago now, that I hoped that it would not just fall into disrepair and neglect. Unfortunately this is exactly what has happened. I might try and have a poke around here and get it back in action. It doesn’t need a lot of attention to get […]

Reading list: Personal MBA

Personal MBA: by Josh Kaufman While taking some time out in Fiji I returned to my backed up reading list. One on the books that I has started but failed to complete before was Josh Kaufman’s The Personal MBA. I spotted this in an airport bookshop on a different trip, then cheekily downloaded it to […]

just a post about coupons.

This is not really the place for simple free writing. but at the same time it is important to have somethgin to say about anything really. I just need to write and get past the first few lines of nothing to say. The first thing that cane to mind this eventing was spreets, and groupon […]