Merry Christmas

The Christmas festivities are now beginning to blur into the New Year ones. The last few days have been largely unproductive with the exception of a few days of client work.

I always find this a joyous but difficult time. It is joyous mainly because Adrienne is the living embodiment of Christmas Spirit. She delights in everything related to Christmas and more often than not brings everyone else along with her energy. Even more exciting in the past two years has been seeing this same excitement being shared with her delightful Goddaughter who is nearly four. In fact it is this little angel who has become the key focus of this time of year.

The difficulty comes from the multiple challenges of having family located all over the place and the desire to try and use the slow business environment to take a holiday of some sort. Lately (past 3-4 years) Adrienne and I have tried to escape the contortions of being everywhere and have opted to travel overseas to experience Christmas’s around the world. Well that was the plan anyway. This idea has appealed to others in the clan and instead of a quiet little escape we have ended up with a travelling Christmas family circus.

The difficulty increases for me because my side of the family no longer gets together in the same place, live in different places and don’t get excited about Christmas anymore. This year I have seen more of my family that normal, although it has been more of a drop in to my brother and dad than any sort of Christmas event. It is my mum that I miss right now. She has moved to central New South Wales, between 3-4 hours drive away (depending on traffic) which means that it is pointless to do just a day trip and even a weekend is half consumed by the driving.

Ultimately I really don’t know what to do. Christmas is complicated but we will wait and see what 2008 holds.

100th post

Coincidentally the previous post was the 100th on the site. It has been around for a while now, since 2003 when I started just throwing junk at the page. That makes it nearly 4 and a half years old and although the posts have not been exactly flying off the page it has been limping along. Hopefully I can keep my promise to myself and start getting some daily posts going.

100 words a day

Ok, here is my first promise to myself. Every day I will write 100 words for my personal blog. I will type it in Word because it counts the words for me. I will also force myself to use good touch typing technique to improve my speed. The topic can be anything that happened that day, even if it was just a new thought. The word count won’t include the title either. That would be cheating.
I expect most of it to be total crap, but that is fine. It is not the objective to write beautiful prose. Just write.

Facebook. Who would’a thought.

Against my better judgment I have created a Facebook account. Sometimes I do these things just to see how they work. As I moved about the office I would see people interrupting their normal procrastinating web surfing with long visits to Facebook.

For anyone still reading this who doesn’t know what Facebook is I’ll provide a quick intro. It is an online social networking service that allows you to post up a picture of yourself and a simple profile. You then look for other people’s profiles that you know and then invite them to be friends. Simple… to begin with, but then the links form into networks. Within these networks information is shared and that is where it starts to get interesting…..

So now just watching my own Facebook profile I get a stream of the interesting, the creative, the playful, and (more often than not) the completely inane. It is strangely addictive, but already I have been linked to a couple of people that I have barely spoken to since leaving high school. And it felt good.

That seems to be part of the draw of these types of sites. It is not the silly little messages that appear all day, but the small smile that creeps onto my face when I read them and the tiny inspiration that I get when I see beauty in another’s photos. It is the micro emotional connections that they offer that somehow bring people together that I like.

The inspiration is to do it more in the offline world as well.

no idea

I just want to write something. It has been too long since i have written freely. I feel overwhelmed with everything that is going on in my life. There just seems to be no time to catch breath. We are working on something all the time. I keep thinking that maybe soon there will be a chance to catch up. But there won’t be. It is that simple.

The question that I try and deal with is what to do next and get it done. I find it hard to juggle everything, but there are no choices, just more things that need to be done.

That said it is good just to be writing this. I’ll try and add something more uplifting tomorrow.